Spindle Mattress Review

The Spindle Natural Latex Mattress features three layers of natural latex with a natural wool and organic cotton topper for extra comfort. I’m really impressed with their informative website which details the latex manufacturing process, all the materials used and where they are sourced.

The company has made every effort to be open and transparent, even describing the marketing definition of ‘organic’ when mentioning their organic cotton cover has a polyester fabric underside. This is not ideal, but given that it makes up such an insignificant proportion of the entire mattress, it might be worth overlooking.

Various comfort levels are available, which are even calculated for you by entering your height, weight and sleeping position.

This is a high quality mattress from a truly responsible and transparent company. Well priced and has amazing reviews by its many happy customers.

Queen – $1,349

  • Three, 3” layers of natural latex
  • Continuous pour Dunlop method Latex made in Pennsylvania
  • FREE Shipping (US)
  • Made in the US
  • 10yr Warranty
  • Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified (Certification#: 12.HUS.10792)

Latest Customer Reviews

Verified Buyer  03/18/17
We bought this while I was pregnant and all of my nightly discomfort was quickly relieved! I could tell a difference right away, especially on my hips. Super comfortably, quality materials andam more than pleased.
Verified Buyer 03/15/17
Big fans & glad we did it. The customer service was great the price can’t be beat – and my back feels better!!
Verified Buyer 03/09/17

My husband and I absolutely LOVE our new Spindle latex mattress. Friends tell me that I could be on a commercial for them because I tell everyone that if they need a new mattress, they need to get a spindle mattress. I have been sleeping so much better and think it is so comfortable. We went with firm on the bottom and medium and medium and we’re happy with the comfort level. It’s the best!

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