If you’re after a natural mattress made from the best 100% natural and certified organic latex then the Botanical Bliss from Plush Beds is the best choice you can make according to my research comparing the best natural mattress.

The materials used are the highest quality you will find in any mattress – 100% natural and organic – but you’re not paying an extreme price.

You’re also supporting a responsible company who genuinely care about your health and the environment, who are also known for their good service. On this last point PlushBeds are backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and have a top 5 ranking in their category on Trustpilot.


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Here’s the full breakdown;

Materials & Construction

I’ve done the research and there is nothing complicated about the materials going into this mattress – they are pure, simple, natural and organic with nothing to hide.

natural and organic materials in plush beds botanical bliss mattress

100% Natural Organic Dunlop Latex Layers

Three layers of Organic Dunlop latex are used for the support and comfort layers. So is Dunlop latex the best type of latex for a mattress?

What Is Dunlop Latex?

100% natural Dunlop latex is a natural and renewable material that’s easy to manufacture. It’s also incredibly durable and long lasting – unlike synthetic latex or inferior latex blends using chemical fillers. This is why this mattress comes with an impressive 25 yr warranty whilst most mattresses can only offer a 10 year warranty.

Buyer Beware

If you’re comparing this mattress to another latex mattress just beware that most other latex mattresses are using fillers and additives whilst still being labeled as using natural latex.

The fact is only mattresses labelled with 100% natural latex are actually natural. I wrote a dedicated article on this topic which you can read here.

Another thing to look out for is how much of the mattress is made from 100% natural latex. Many cheaper ‘natural’ mattresses use 100% natural latex only for thin top layers and then use inferior blends for base layers. Rest assured that all the layers in the Botanical Bliss use the best 100% natural certified organic latex.

Organic Latex

Most latex mattresses – natural or otherwise, don’t use organic latex because it’s much more expensive. The ones that do usually only use it for thin top layers. This mattress really stands out because all three layers are made from organic latex.

There are two main benefits to organic latex. Organic latex plantations won’t pollute the environment through pesticide run off, and you’re also not exposed to toxic pesticide and herbicide residues on the final product whilst you sleep.

100% natural and organic latex is also the ideal natural mattress material because its naturally anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and moisture resistant. It also sleeps cool and won’t trap body heat like foam.

Durability and Support

100% natural dunlop latex is the purest and strongest type of latex foam available which makes it long lasting and highly reliant under pressure. This means it can continue to provide support compared to synthetic latex and inferior latex blends which are more prone to forming body impressions over time.

Synthetic and blended latex has far less tensile strength than Dunlop – making them tear easily.

As I mentioned earlier the high strength and durability of Dunlop is why this mattress comes with a 25 yr warranty – the longest warranty period in the industry for both natural and synthetic mattresses alike.

Three Thickness Options Available

Each size has three thickness options to choose from. With this being said all three thickness types have adjustable layers – the varying thickness is mostly for how tall you prefer your mattress to be.

latex mattress thickness options

Customisable comfort and support layers you can rearrange at home

Each layer of latex has a different firmness rating – you can actually unzip the cover and rearrange or flip the layers at home to customise the feel. This feature is unique and certainly takes the worry out of buying a mattress online where you obviously can’t test it out in person. For the most flexibility you can choose four layers instead of three.

adjustable comfort layers mattress

Dual Comfort Partner Design

I haven’t come across any other all natural mattress that offers a dual comfort split design. This is for those who sleep with a partner and can never agree on comfort. It allows each person to customise their side of the mattresses to their own preference because the layers are split down the middle. Keep in mind this feature is only available in the King and Cal King size.

dual comfort split mattress design

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Organic New Zealand Wool padding

A thick 3 inch padding of non-allergenic 100% pure Organic New Zealand wool tops off the mattress.

Wool is naturally fire resistant also no toxic fire retardant chemicals are needed.

Wool is also hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, provides additional comfort, breathability, and absorbs moisture.

The large amount of wool this mattress uses is uncommon and sets this mattress apart from its competitors as most natural mattresses use the bare minimum required to pass fire safety standards.

Organic cotton cover

All layers of the mattress are encased in a quilted cover of organic cotton which uses a circular knit to increase softness, breathability and  elasticity.

The cover is removable so you can rearrange the inner latex layers, but it isn’t washable because it contains all the wool padding.

Made in the USA

The mattress is designed and manufactured in the USA and also uses organic cotton grown in the USA.

Certifications & Standards & Awards

This mattress comes with the best and most reputable certifications in the industry including Greenguard Gold, GOLS  and GOTS organic certifications, Oeko-Tex® and Eco-Institut certification.

PlushBeds are also certified by the Green America and Green Business networks, they are a member of the sustainable furnishings council.

They have a top 5 customer service award from TrustPilot, a woman’s choice award and an A+ BBB rating.

Price (as of Dec 2018)

These are the current prices for a 9 inch mattress – its extra for thicker 10 and 12 inch options, and for split mattresses

  • Twin $1,099
  • Twin XL $ 1,099
  • Full $ 1,499
  • Queen $ 1,599
  • King $ 1,899
  • Cal King $ 1,899



To sum it up this is the best all latex mattress on offer on virtually every metric – well priced, high quality, all natural and organic materials, flexibility and customisation, a split feature design and made in the USA.