What is Memory Foam Made From?

Memory foam mattresses are predominantly made from polyurethane combined with various chemical additives which give it its trademark elasticity. Polyurethane itself is a toxic compound derived from petrochemicals, even before being combined with other additives. This is bad news for your health, releasing harmful gasses into your home over time, known as off-gassing. Whilst some memory foam mattresses claim to be healthier than others, make no mistake, most contain a cocktail of harmful chemicals, with few exceptions. Beware of mattresses marketed as natural, eco or green, which feature plant based additives like green tea. Ask questions about all materials used, and don’t fall for the deceptive marketing strategy known as green washing. Plant based additives are just that, additives. They may be a slightly better option, but in most cases contain only minute quantities so products can be marketed as eco friendly.

Before i started on this journey of discovery, I bought and returned 3 memory foam mattresses. All three left my sinuses blocked in the morning, I had inflamed glands, and would get constant headaches. You can read more of my journey in the about me section.

Alternatives to Memory Foam

There are three main natural alternatives to memory foam available;

  1. 100% latex
  2. Latex on a micro coil support
  3. Pure organic cotton and wool on micro coil support.

I found that 100% natural latex with an organic cotton and wool topper worked for me. Latex tends to be firmer, so the topper for me is a necessity for optimum comfort. You will find reviews of all three on my homepage.

Natural Memory Foam

For those who really want memory foam, I have discovered only one truly non toxic memory foam mattress. You can read my review here. This company actually manufacture their own foam rather than importing, and claim to make the only natural memory foam in the world. At $2900 for a Queen, they are priced towards the higher end, but worth a look if your willing to stretch your budget.

Please visit my homepage for the latest reviews on the best non toxic mattresses you can buy online in 2017.