Happsy is a new online only mattress company quickly gaining notoriety. Their mattress is a hybrid mattress which is most comparable to the Avocado Green Mattress


Materials & construction

The Happsy is a hybrid mattress made with –

  • 8″ Pocket coil support layer
  • 2″ Organic latex comfort layer
  • Organic wool batting
  • Organic cotton cover


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Pocket Coil Support Layer

The 8 inch pocket coils offer a stable and supportive base. Unlike regular spring mattresses pocket coils are able to conform to the bodies shape and adapt to subtle changes in pressure to maintain spinal alignment in all sleeping positions. (more on the difference between pocket coils and regular spring mattresses here)


Organic Latex Comfort Layer

On top of the pocket coil support base is a 2″ comfort layer of organic latex.

By default the mattress comes as a medium firm – but they do sell an additional organic latex topper for a softer plush feel.

The additional topper adds another 2 inches of organic latex and costs an extra $399 for a Queen size.


organic latex topper

Organic Wool Batting

The wool layer provides natural fire resistance so no chemical retardants are needed to meet mattress flammability regulations. The wool used is organic and sourced from either New Zealand or America depending on current supply.

Organic Cotton Cover

Everything is encased in an unzip-able organic cotton cover. The cover does unzip but is not washable. The zip is for manufacturing purposes – and also lets you take a peek inside.

Made in the USA

The assembly of the mattress is done in the USA. It uses USA grown organic cotton and organic American wool when supply permits – otherwise organic wool comes from New Zealand.


Prices correct as of Dec 2018. Keep in mind its an additional $399 for the topper if you prefer a softer feel.

Twin $764.00

Twin XL $849.00

Full $1,019

Queen $1,190

King $1,444

Cal King $ 1,444


The Happsy mattress aims to be a cheaper alternative to the Avocado Green Mattress – but you’ll forgo things like zoned support, the high spring count and the handmade premium quality of the Avocado. All this is evident in Happsys 10 year warranty compared to Avocados 25 year warranty.

With this said, overall its a solid all natural alternative if you’re looking to save a couple of hundred dollars.


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