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Top 5 All Natural Vegan Mattresses

  Being vegan is hard when it comes to buying a new mattress. We want a high quality mattress using natural and non-toxic materials – but also a mattress which doesn’t use animal products – at an affordable...

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Unbiased Latex Comparison – 100% Natural Vs Synthetic Vs Blended

There are three types of latex foams used in todays mattresses; 100% natural latex, synthetic latex and blended latex. Adding to the confusion many companies are marketing their latex mattresses as natural, yet contain only small quantities of natural latex rubber! So whats the difference between the three types of latex – and which is the best?

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Behind The Green Label – Mattress Certifications Explained

Strong demand for natural non-toxic products has many manufactures adopting certified standards to let customers know how green and safe their mattresses are. However, some certifications are more meaningful than others, and many only address one specific layer within a mattress. Genuinely safe non-toxic mattresses will typically have several certifications which address different layers and components.

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NASA’s List – The Best Plants to Purify Indoor Air Naturally

Our indoor air is polluted with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) off-gassing from the synthetic products we fill them with. Indoor plants can filter out many of these toxins – but some species are better than others. The NASA Clean Air Study reveals which species are best.

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Reduce VOCs For A Healthy Home – Materials To Avoid and Natural Alternatives

The air in a typical home is polluted with toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) constantly releasing from the synthetic petroleum based products and materials we fill them. Here is a list the most toxic materials and their natural alternatives, so you can get to work creating a healthy and safe indoor environment

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The Chemistry Of Memory Foam – Are Memory Foam Mattress Toxic?

What chemicals are in a memory foam mattress? Is a memory foam mattress safe or toxic? Manufacturers vary their exact chemical blends but the basic chemical building blocks of memory foam remain the same. Here’s a breakdown of the chemicals and additives found in common memory foam mattresses, and how they are made.

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