Should you buy the Avocado Green Mattress?

The Avocado Green Mattress is a high quality comfortable and supportive all natural mattress handmade in the USA. But don’t just take my word for it – here’s the full breakdown;


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Construction & Materials

The Avocado Green Mattress is a hybrid mattress with;

  • Zoned pocket coil support base
  • Two layers of of 100% natural latex
  • 100% natural wool batting (replaced with cotton fill in  vegan option)
  • Button tufted organic cotton cover

Here’s a closer look at each;

Zoned Pocket Coil Support Layer

Pocket coils are all the rage now days – much better than conventional spring mattresses. Pocket coils contour to the body to offer superior comfort and support. They are also highly durable and long lasting. With specs like these its little wonder why Avocado offers an industry leading 25 yr warranty.

Pocket coil springs are smaller than those found in regular spring mattresses and there are also a lot more of them. The high number of springs minimises their individual surface area which allows each spring to better respond to subtle changes in pressure. For a comparison the Avocado queen size mattress uses 1,130 small pocket coil springs where as a conventional spring mattress has a typical spring count of 300.

– Independent Pocket Coils

The major benefit of pocket coils are the fact that they are kept seperate from each other. Each spring is encased in individual pockets of fabric which lets them move independently and respond to localised pressure points. Regular spring mattresses on the other hand have large interconnected springs which tend to move in unison and create uneven ditched sleeping surfaces. More on the differences between pocket coils and regular spring mattresses here.

Because pocket coils work independently they have a body contouring effect – each spring can respond to the uneven distribution of body weight to keep your spine aligned in all sleeping positions. This provides both comfort and support – if your back is straight and not under strain your more comfortable as a result.

– Partner Disturbance

The high number of independent springs found in pocket coil mattresses is great if you sleep with a partner. Because springs are independent theres minimum transference between them. You’re supported by your springs and your partner on theirs so when one person moves its not felt on the other side of the mattress. This is the opposite of regular spring mattresses which tends to bounce you around if you have a tossing and turning partner.

– Quality and Durability

Not all pocket coils are created equal – only high quality pocket coils can offer good support and durability. Avocados pocket coils are the highest quality – made in America by specialised pocket coil manufacturer Leggett & Platt. I should also mention the Avocado uses pocket coils made from recycled US steel – extra points for sustainability.

 Sleeping Cool

According to studies conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research, pocket coils sleep 28% cooler than foam mattresses. This is all because air can circulate freely between the open structure – reducing the build up of body heat throughout the night.

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Two Layers of 100% Natural Latex

Two layers of 100% natural Dunlop latex sit on top of the pocket coil support base. (Three if you buy the additional pillow top)

100% natural Dunlop latex is highly durable, sleeps cool, is naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. No synthetic latex, inferior blends or fillers are used – unlike cheaper latex mattress. Dunlop latex is the real deal – simple, natural and sustainable. (More on the different types of latex here)

Natural New Zealand Joma Wool Batting

A layer of Oeko-Tex certified Natural New Zealand Wool tops off the latex layers which adds additional padding and natural fire safety. All mattresses are required to be flame resistant. Wool allows the Avocado to meet fire safety regulations without the use of toxic fire retardant chemicals because wool is naturally fire resistant.

Organic Cotton Cover

The mattress is wrapped in a GOTS-certified button tufted, organic cotton cover with double stitched edges and heavy duty handles. It’s this attention to detail and quality which sets the Avocado apart from its nearest natural competitor the Happsy mattress.


There are two comfort levels to choose from – gentle firm and luxury plush.

The mattress as standard is a gentle firm – ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

An optional pillow top offers a luxury plush feel at additional cost. The topper is made from 100% natural latex, natural wool and certified organic cotton. It conforms to the bodies shape – ideal for side sleepers and those who sleep in a range of different positions throughout the night.


Made In the USA

Made in California by an ethical company who value healthy living, environmental responsibility and full transparency. On this last point they list all materials with pride – so you know exactly whats in it and more importantly what not in it. (full spec sheet at the end of this article)


The mattress comes with Greenguard Gold, Eco-Institut, Oeko-Tex & GOTS Organic certification so you know your getting a truly safe and non-toxic mattress.

Vegan option available

In 2018 Avocado released a vegan friendly version of their mattress. Its virtually the same mattress except that organic cotton fill replaces the wool layer. For those interested I’ve written a dedicated article on the best all natural vegan mattresses here.


These are the current prices for the Avocado Green Mattress as of Dec 2018 – keep in mind its a little extra to purchase the pillow top option – the exact cost depends which size you get but the average guide is +$300.

  • Twin  $959.00
  • Twin XL $ 999.00
  • Full $ 1,199
  • Queen $ 1,399
  • King $ 1,699
  • Cal King $ 1,699


I’ve researched natural mattresses extensively and the Avocado Green Mattress is in my opinion the best hybrid mattress around – natural or otherwise.

Recycled steel pocket coils contour to the body offering both comfort and support in all sleeping positions and the handmade quality is obvious. Hand stitched handles and the button tufted organic cotton cover are a sure sign of a mattress thats built to be durable and long lasting – backup up by an industry leadning 25 year warranty.

The Avocado has become incredibly popular with thousands of verified 5 star reviews. It’s also America’s no.1 rated mattress with a consumer report score of 85 as of November 2018.

Of course you won’t find any polyurethane foams, polyester fills or toxic fire retardant chemicals – and like every mattress reviewed on this site it comes with free shipping, and a generous return period.


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Verified Customer Reviews

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Further Reading – Full Spec Sheet

Here are the full specs taken from Avocados website:

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