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Reduce VOCs For A Healthy Home – Materials To Avoid and Natural Alternatives

The air in a typical home is polluted with toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) constantly releasing from the synthetic petroleum based products and materials we fill them. Here is a list the most toxic materials and their natural alternatives, so you can get to work creating a healthy and safe indoor environment

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The Chemistry Of Memory Foam – Are Memory Foam Mattress Toxic?

What chemicals are in a memory foam mattress? Is a memory foam mattress safe or toxic? Manufacturers vary their exact chemical blends but the basic chemical building blocks of memory foam remain the same. Here’s a breakdown of the chemicals and additives found in common memory foam mattresses, and how they are made.

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Plush Beds Botanical Bliss Review

If you’re after a natural mattress made from the best 100% natural andĀ certified organic latex then the Botanical Bliss from Plush Beds is the best choice you can make according to my research comparing the best natural mattress. The materials used are the highest quality you will find in any mattress – 100% natural and organic – but you’re not paying an extreme price. You’re also supporting a responsible company who genuinely care about your health and the environment, who are also known for their good service. On this last point PlushBeds are backed by anĀ A+ Better Business Bureau...

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