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Dunlop Vs Talalay – An Unbiased Comparison

Dunlop Vs Talalay both Dunlop and Talalay are the purest most natural latex foams available – they share the same main ingredients; 100% natural raw liquid latex rubber tapped from the rubber tree. The difference between them is their method of manufacture. Here’s a break-down the manufacturing processes of each;   Dunlop Latex Invented by Dunlop in 1929 the Dunlop method is the oldest and simplest form of latex foam production. The Dunlop method has fewer steps in its production compared to the Talalay method – see below;   How Is Dunlop Latex Made 100% natural raw rubber liquid is...

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Truth Bomb – Most Natural Mattresses More Synthetic Than Natural

  Looking to buy an eco friendly, non-toxic, all natural mattress? Beware of the brands trying to pull the proverbial wool over your eyes! Many so called “natural mattresses” appear more natural than they actually are as companies cash in on increasing demand for natural mattress alternatives with little more than smoke and mirrors. This article reveals the truth behind the most common misleading claims so you can find natural mattress alternatives that are truly better for you – and the environment.   Common Misleading Claims Made By The Mattress Industry   If you’ve been shopping around for a natural mattress...

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Unbiased Latex Comparison – 100% Natural Vs Synthetic Vs Blended

There are three types of latex foams used in todays mattresses; 100% natural latex, synthetic latex and blended latex. Adding to the confusion many companies are marketing their latex mattresses as natural, yet contain only small quantities of natural latex rubber! So whats the difference between the three types of latex – and which is the best?

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Behind The Green Label – Mattress Certifications Explained

Strong demand for natural non-toxic products has many manufactures adopting certified standards to let customers know how green and safe their mattresses are. However, some certifications are more meaningful than others, and many only address one specific layer within a mattress. Genuinely safe non-toxic mattresses will typically have several certifications which address different layers and components.

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NASA’s List – The Best Plants to Purify Indoor Air Naturally

Our indoor air is polluted with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) off-gassing from the synthetic products we fill them with. Indoor plants can filter out many of these toxins – but some species are better than others. The NASA Clean Air Study reveals which species are best.

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