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Happsy – Hybrid Natural Mattress Review

Happsy is a new online only mattress company quickly gaining notoriety. Their mattress is a hybrid mattress which is most comparable to the Avocado Green Mattress   Materials & construction The Happsy is a hybrid mattress made with – 8″ Pocket coil support layer 2″ Organic latex comfort layer Organic wool batting Organic cotton cover   Buy Now Direct From Happsy Pocket Coil Support Layer The 8 inch pocket coils offer a stable and supportive base. Unlike regular spring mattresses pocket coils are able to conform to the bodies shape and adapt to subtle changes in pressure to maintain...

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ZenHaven Review – 100% Natural Latex Mattress

ZenHaven is the 100% natural latex mattress offering from established mattress maker Saatva. Just like all mattresses on this site the ZenHaven is pure and simple with no polyurethanes, polyester fills or fabrics and no toxic fire retardants. One defining feature of this mattress is the fact that it’s double sided. Each side has two different comfort levels so you can simply flip it depending on preference. More detail below – Materials & Construction The ZenHaven is made from; Three layers of 100% natural Talalay latex Wool padding natural fire barrier Quilted organic cotton cover Here’s a full detailed...

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Avocado Green Mattress Review

Should you buy the Avocado Green Mattress? The Avocado Green Mattress is a high quality comfortable and supportive all natural mattress handmade in the USA. But don’t just take my word for it – here’s the full breakdown;   Buy Now Direct From Avocado   Construction & Materials The Avocado Green Mattress is a hybrid mattress with; Zoned pocket coil support base Two layers of of 100% natural latex 100% natural wool batting (replaced with cotton fill in  vegan option) Button tufted organic cotton cover Here’s a closer look at each; Zoned Pocket Coil Support Layer Pocket coils are all...

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Top 5 All Natural Vegan Mattresses

  Being vegan is hard when it comes to buying a new mattress. We want a high quality mattress using natural and non-toxic materials – but also a mattress which doesn’t use animal products – at an affordable price. Well thankfully there are a growing number of natural and affordable vegan mattresses hitting the market. But before you buy there are a few things you should look out for –   Before You Buy A Vegan Mattress Not all vegan mattresses are created equal – Here’s what you should know before buying a vegan mattresses so you can spot a genuine  all natural vegan mattress alternative; What to Avoid There are plenty of cheap vegan mattresses out there which use materials made from petrochemicals. I assume if your looking at a vegan mattress you probably don’t want one containing materials derived from fossil fuels that pollute habitats the world over. With this in mind the cheap petrochemical mattress materials you should avoid are: Polyurethane foams Polyester fills and fabrics Memory foams Toxic chemical adhesives Toxic chemical fire retardants Fortunately there are several vegan mattresses made from all natural non-toxic materials – just don’t fall for the natural bio foam trap;   The Truth About Natural Bio Foams Avoid mattresses using eco, green or bio foams – including soy foam mattresses if you’re wanting to make the most ethical choice. They’re...

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Pocket Spring Vs Open Spring Mattress – An Unbiased Comparison

Confused about the difference between a pocket spring mattress and regular open spring mattress? – Are pocket coils better? and if so why? Here’s an unbiased comparison to help you make an informed choice.   What are Open Spring Mattresses? The most common and conventional type of mattress is a regular open spring mattress. They’ve been around for well over a century and either use a series of interconnected steel springs or a continuous steel coil. In both cases they sit inside a larger wire frame. These types of mattresses are easy to manufacture, which is why they are usually the more affordable option.   What are Pocket Coil Mattress? Pocket coil mattresses on the other hand are relatively new to the mattress scene. They are often referred to as pocket spring mattresses –  just different names for the same thing. Pocket spring mattresses are different to conventional spring mattresses for two key reasons; Independent fabric encased springs – Instead of using interconnected springs, pocket coil mattresses use individual fabric encased springs. The fabric pocket hold each spring in place and allows them to remain independent – each spring can compress without affecting neighbouring springs. Smaller spring size, and more of them – The second key difference is their size – pocket coils are a much smaller than springs found in an open spring mattresses – and so a lot more...

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