About Me


First of all thanks for visiting my blog, Natural Mattress Reviews!

I created this site after searching for my own responsibly made non toxic mattress. My search uncovered mattress makers who were deliberately misleading consumers, claiming they were non toxic and environmentally friendly, when in fact they had little to no such benefits. Sadly this has become all too common, its called Greenwashing; Businesses marketing their products and services as eco fridendly to capture the “green” dollar. Greenwashing sets the environmental movement back so far, as people think they are having a positive impact, when in fact they are supporting businesses who act irresponsibly. This site is something I hope will contribute towards positive change. We must hold companies accountable, scrutinise their claims, and vote with our wallets!

I have tried my best to research all the natural mattresses available (avaliable in the US) and present them in a transparent manner. I could earn a small commission from some of the mattresses presented on my site if they are sold through my links, but this has no influence on the actual review. So if you are thinking about purchasing a new mattress please visit vendors through my links. With this small action, I can continue to help people make informed choices that will in the long run benefit us all.

Kindest Regards,