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Hi I’m Kyle,
Author of Natural Mattress Reviews!

My Search for a Genuine Natural, Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly Mattress


Searching for my own non-toxic and environmentally friendly mattress was a challenge to say the least. As if buying a mattress isn’t hard enough without having to worry about how eco friendly or how safe it is! It became an arduous task and inspired me to make this site, which aims to present, review and compare only genuine natural and non-toxic mattresses which will not pollute our homes or the environment.


My search for the ideal ‘green’ mattress uncovered so many brands selling conventional synthetic based mattresses under the guise of natural, non-toxic, green and eco friendly. I soon discovered most claims were meaningless superficial hype and marketing, with most of these so called safe mattresses still using a majority of synthetic petrochemical based materials, and only small amounts of natural ones. I hate it when companies package products and services as green, natural or eco friendly, just to try and cash in on the “green” economy – a growing class of ethical consumers who care about how their consumption impacts the environment, their health and the well being of workers.

Eventually┬áI uncovered several genuine natural, non-toxic and eco friendly mattress alternatives made in the USA from great and ethical companies. I’m happy to share this selection with you, and hope you find this site useful in your search to compare and review the best natural non-toxic and eco friendly mattresses available online in 2018!


Happy Hunting!



Disclaimer: I aim to present only the very best natural, non-toxic mattresses available – in a fully transparent manner without bias. This website uses affiliate links – meaning I may earn a small commission from products sold through links on this site, but this comes at no additional cost to you.