My Search for The Perfect Mattress

Buying a mattress is a hard, but finding one that’s affordable whilst being made from natural non toxic materials was a real mission.

I went through two memory foam mattress before learning these were the most toxic. After unboxing, the memory foam had a strong chemical odour which I thought this would pass, but the odour was still present after 10 weeks. The air in my room felt thick, and I woke feeling heavy and blocked, and experienced constant headaches.

I returned the mattress, and bought another from a reputable company claiming to be low odour with minimal off gassing, but it was no different. Thankfully I bought these online with a return policy of 100 days.

After a lot of research and finally finding an affordable all natural mattress, I now consider myself to be somewhat of a natural mattress guru, and aim to pass on what I’ve learnt to others.

Visit my homepage for a breakdown of what I believe to be the best natural mattresses available which you can buy online in 2017.

Yours sincerely,