Natural Mattress Reviews makes it easy for you to compare only the best all natural, non toxic mattresses available in 2017. The Natural Mattress Guide below will show you what to look for and what to avoid when looking for a genuinely natural mattress, so you can make an informed choice. You can skip directly to the review page here. 


Natural Mattress Guide

Do I Really Need to go All Natural?


If your trying to lead a clean lifestyle free from toxins, the short answer is, yes. Most mattresses contain a cocktail of harmful chemical compounds which release into our homes over time via a process called off-gassing. The worst offenders in mattresses are;

  • Glues
  • Fire Retardants
  • Foams derived from petrochemicals like polyethylene and memory foam (99% of foams)

Most synthetic materials off-gas volatile chemical compounds (VOCs) and given that the long term cumulative effects of such chemicals are largely unknown, why not do all you can to avoid them.

Buying products derived from natural materials can make a considerable difference to indoor air quality and in most cases natural alternatives aren’t necessarily more expensive.

By choosing natural products you are also more likely to be supporting businesses that genuinely care about the environment. Natural materials typically require less processing and less energy to produce than synthetic ones, and manufacturing processes are less likely to pollute the environment.



What to Look For in a Natural Mattress?


Like with food, the fewer ingredients the better! Look for the following naturally derived materials to spot a genuine natural mattress;

  • Organic Cotton – Organic is preferred where possible as it won’t contain pesticides, better for your health (and the Bees)
  • 100% Natural Wool – This acts as a natural fire retardant, so no chemical retardants are necessary
  • 100% Natural Latex – Not all latex is created equal. Only 100% Natural Latex will come from the rubber tree, whilst synthetic blends often include petrochemical additives.


Buying locally made products where possible is also ideal to ensue your mattress doesn’t circle the world by the time it gets to you. Most mattresses reviewed on this site are made in the USA.

Is It Really “Green”?


Beware that a lot of companies are taking advantage of the ‘green economy’, that is, the growing consumer interest in natural alternatives. This employ surface level marketing strategies to rebrand and repackage the same old products, making them seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are. We as consumers have to become more critical when companies make claims about how sustainable or green their products are, and mattresses are no exception.

Plenty of mattresses are labeled green, natural or eco friendly, when in reality they offer very little benefit to your health and the environment. Read more about fake ‘eco’ mattresses and how to spot misleading marketing claims here.